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Central Hunter Business Chamber

A progressive, community-minded, business and community membership organisation connecting and growing the economies of the communities we represent in the Central Hunter area of New South Wales.

Greta - Branxton - Huntlee - North Rothbury

We're Here To Help Our Businesses

Working with partners, members, all levels of government and other like-minded organisations, Central Hunter Business Chamber is continuously creating initiatives which support, inform and connect our business community.


Opportunities for the business and community to connect and collectively contribute to the success of our local economy and community.


Disseminating information from stakeholders in the community, government, tech and other areas to help our local business owners in their decision-making processes.


Identifying, creating, facilitating and supporting initiatives that enhance existing and new businesses coming to the Central Hunter.

Connecting Our Communities

The continuing and future economic prosperity of our communities will be founded on our ability to foster meaningful connections and relationships between the people who live here, our community volunteers and the Central Hunter business community.

Key to the success in our area is the Central Hunter Business Chambers team focus on the development and facilitation of community events, festivals and projects which encourage and support community and business participation.

Community-focused projects are tested against Community & Economic Development markers - Community participation, business support, promotion of local economy, community, and opportunities which support new business setup and encourages new investment in the area.

Branxton Greta Memorial Cycleway

The Branxton Greta Memorial Cycleway is a unique, community-driven project connecting these two, historically significant, central Hunter townships, by cycleway, and living war memorial.

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Silky Oak Festival

Celebrating The History Of Greta - The Silky Oak Festival is a bi-annual event held in November (2019) that celebrates the town's long history and important contribution to Australian Society. The Silky Oak festival for 2019 is a big celebration marking the 80th anniversary of the Greta Army camp and the 70th Anniversary of the Greta Migrant camp.

Visit the Silky Oak Festival Event Site for 2019:

Central Hunter Business and Community Expo

Held bi-annually, alternating years with the Silky Oak Festival, the Central Hunter Business and Community Forum held at Miller Park is a great opportunity for business and community to connect and learn more about the people, commuity groups and businesses of the Central Hunter.

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More than being a key gateway to the world leading Hunter Valley Wine Country, the Central Hunter communities are historically rich, active and vibrant for visiting and doing business.    

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